Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to Navigate to BPM Composer??

Oracle BPM Composer

Oracle Business Process Management Suite is part of Oracle SOA Suite. It contains a design-time tool for creating and adjusting BPMN 2.0 compliant BPEL processes, known as the Process Composer. This tool can make change the way the existing process works. In order to make modifications to the existing artifacts good knowledge on SOA Suite is required. This is why this tool has not been embedded inside Fusion Applications.

So logically the next question would be 'How to find the Tool in Fusion Applications??', if someone who is having knowledge on SOA suite and knows how to make modifications. There might be multiple ways to get that. I will explain the way I found it.

To do this you need to have access in Common_Domain. My previous post explains the role which  you need to have to log on to Common_domain

Also I have explained how to find different domains for your installation in my previous post. So get the details of Common_domain and log on to Domain. Once you log on you would see a screen something like this
This is called Enterprise Manager Fusion Applications Control. Click on the Oracle logo. This will take you to the home page.

Expand Farm_CommonDomain -> Application Deployment -> BPMComposer  -> BPMComposer

In the middle under Entry Points Box you will find Web Modules click on bpmcomposer

Once you click that it will open a separate BPM Composer Browser and will ask you for the credentials. Log in and you will be provided with the following screen

Carry on modifying the business processes.....


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