Monday, 24 June 2013

Fusion Apps - Synchronizing Customized Flexfields in the MDS Repository for SOA

In my previous post I explained  How to Configure Extensible Flexfield When you customize and deploy Oracle Fusion Applications flexfields a new XSD file is generated in the MDS repository for Oracle Fusion Applications. SOA composite applications in Oracle Fusion Applications reference copies of the original XSD schema files included in the MDS repository for SOA. So the updated XSD files must be synchronized in the MDS repository for SOA for use in the fact models in business rules. 
To perform this synchronization, a special SOA composite application named UpdateSOAMDS is included with Oracle Fusion Applications. By default, UpdateSOAMDS is automatically deployed. When a synchronization is required, you manually invoke an instance of this SOA composite application to synchronize the updated XSD files in the MDS repository for SOA. You can view the results of this synchronization in the audit trail in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Applications Control.

Let's see how to do that. In this example I had modified Location Information EFF in Fusion HCM Workforce Structure. So I should log  into HCM Domain and run the UpdateSOAMDS  from there.
Click on the UpdateSOAMDS composite. On the right hand side click on Test button. Once you click on Test, you will see a screen like the next picture.

Select Operation - updateDuring  and payload as P1D. It means last 1 day. If you want to run it for last 1 Month and 15 days and  3 Hour then it should be P1M15DT3H. After entering the values click on Test Web Service.
You can trace the result.

Click on Instances
Click on the latest instance id which has been submitted by you. It will open a new screen which looks like the next picture.

Click on the composite to trace.

As marked in the picture, after running the composite the system has synchronized the XSD schema of the modified Location Information EFF extensible flexfield to SOA metadata repository.

This will make the new context sensitive segments to be available for use in SOA.


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