Thursday, 13 June 2013

Flexfield Migration in SaaS Environment

In my first post I discussed How to Find DFF and modify it as per the requirements. Now let's say you have defined the DFF in test environment and now you decided to migrate it to other instances. 

Oracle has documented Document 1510288.1 - Guidance for Managing Customizations in Oracle Cloud Application Services: Flexfield Migration the way to migrate DFF in cloud environment. 

Here are the few key points from that document

Special Considerations

  • To avoid synchronization issues, migrate flexfield customizations prior to migrating UI and BI customizations. 
  • Only flexfields with a deployment status of Deployed or Deployed to Sandbox are eligible to for migration.
  • The import process on the target environment automatically submits affected flexfields for redeployment.


  • Ensure source and target OCAS environments (e.g. Test and Production) are at the same patch level.
  • Create an implementation project in the Setup and Maintenance (FSM) work area.
  • Configure all applicable flexfields in the source environment using the following tasks in the

Setup and Maintenance work area:

  • Manage Descriptive Flexfields
  • Manage Extensible Flexfields
  • Manage Key Flexfields
  • Manage Value Sets
Checking with Oracle whether it is possible to migrate without creating implementation Projects.

Keep checking for the update

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