Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fusion Apps Custom BI Report Creation Part I

Introduction Custom Report Creation
§Roles Required
§Report Components i.e. Data Model and Report
§Components of Data Model
§Data Sets
§List of Values
§Report Triggers
§Layout Creation
§Creating ESS Job

At the end of this blog you will know.....
§How to Create a Custom Report?
§How to submit a Custom Report?
§How to use Bursting?

Roles Required to Create Custom Report

§BI Author
§BI Developer
§BI Consumer
§BI Administrator (If any setup need to be done)
Please go through this How to assign BIAdministrator Role to assign the roles.

Report Components

There are two main components of Report:
§Data Model – Where you create your query,  List of Values, Parameters, Event Triggers, Bursting Definition
§Report – A Data Model is attached with the Report. One or more Report Layout (RTF,PDF etc.) can be attached with a report. 

Data Model

Different Components of Data Model are:
§Data Sets – Where you create your query
§Event Triggers –You create your After Report / Before Report triggers here
§Flexfields –If any KFF is used in the report then here you can define
§List of Values –Create LOVs here
§Parameters – Define your parameters here
§Bursting – Define your Busting definition here

Logging in to BI Publisher

Navigation : Login >> Click on Navigator >> Reports and Analytics (Under Tool)
Alternatively : Open Direct Link http://<BIserver address>:<port>/analytics/saw.dll?bieehome

 Navigate to the Folder where you want to create your custom Report

Click on the New Option and Choose “Data Model”

Data Model Properties

Creating Data Sets

Creating Data Sets with SQL Query

Defining Group By

Creating Aggregate Function

Creating Aggregate Function

Creating Link Between Data Models

Creating Link Between Data Models

Creating LOV

Creating Parameters
Creating Parameters

Change Query to use Parameter Value

Will publish the remaining parts in the following posts......