Monday, 27 May 2013

Fusion Apps Oracle Composer Migration in SaaS environment


In an Oracle Cloud Application Services (OCAS) environment for HCM, you can tailor your
implementation using several capabilities that enable customization and extension of business
objects (data), the user interface (UI), and business intelligence reports (BI). For instance, you
can use Oracle Composer customization features to modify the UI to meet your business
When considering your extensibility implementation approach in an OCAS deployment, Oracle
suggests using a test environment to finalize customizations and extensions before migrating
them to production. The specific purpose of this article is to step you through the
recommended best practices for migrating Oracle Composer customizations between
Supported Fusion Releases: Release 6 and prior
OCAS-enabled: Yes. Direct Customer-enabled Transaction.

Special Considerations

• If you have Oracle Composer customizations that include deployed flexfields, ensure that
you migrate those flexfields to the target environment prior to migrating UI customizations.
• If you decide to use more than one sandbox to capture Oracle Composer customizations,
ensure that you don’t make changes to the same page in more than one sandbox because
this can cause collision issues when publishing those sandboxes.


• Ensure source and target OCAS environments (e.g.Test and Production) are at the same
patch level.
• Ensure that you have not published the sandbox. Important: Once you publish a sandbox, it
can no longer be used for migration purposes and it is not possible to recover from this

Here is the oracle White Paper which explains in detail.
Guidance for Managing Customizations in Oracle Cloud Application Services: Oracle Composer Migration [ID 1510578.1]


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