Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fusion Apps Role for access to Weblogic Admin Console, Fusion Middleware Control and FA

I was trying  hard to understand the architecture of Fusion Apps Pillars. Every thing in Fusion Apps is controlled by RBAC. In Fusion Applications you have three different User Interfaces targeted for different group of people.
These are

  1. FA UI where user will login and do his/her daily duties
  2. Fusion Middleware Control for maintaining and monitoring system health
  3. Weblogic Admin Console used to deploy services, adding, removing,starting and shutting down domains
If someone wants to understand and have full idea of all these three areas then he needs to have a role assigned with his user id. Now the question is - Is there a single role that will give access to all of the above areas??
The answer is yes. There is a role named Administrators. If that role is assigned in OIM to an user then he would be able to access all of the above.

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