Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Time to Create Your Public/Private Keys - Essential for JCS

To understand in simple English, Oracle uses Public/Private keys in order to establish connections between different interconnected components of JCS. You need to create two sets of keys and these are
  • Public Key -  Needed public key when you create Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Private Key - Needed this to create SSH Tunnel or Remote Connection to VMs hosting your servers
Yo can generate these keys using different tools like SSH, PuTTY etc. I used PuTTY for Windows and used exactly the same steps as mentioned here.

Use PuTTYgen to generate. You need to select Type of Key to generate as SSH-2 RSA and Number of bits in a generated key as 2048
PuTTYgen options

Generated Key

Specify password to use these key as Key passphrase and Click on Save private key button to save as

Once Private key is saved it is required to create public key. Do not click on Save Public Key button.

Select the text under Public for pasting into Open SSH authorized key files and copy. Paste it into any text editor and save the file with .pub extension e.g.

You are now ready with key files required to create your both DB and Java cloud services.

There could be 2-3 questions from this section related to type of keys, number of bits and usage of these keys in the certification Exam.

So please remember these..

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