Wednesday, 10 July 2013

OTBI - Duty Roles Required for Subject Areas

In order to access data in OTBI you need to have access to the Subject area that OTBI is accessing. Oracle has documented the steps to get the Duty Roles assigned by default in the RPD for different subject areas under MOS document ID 1487201.1. In my previous post - How to Know On Premise RPD File Name and Location? - I have explained how to get the RPD file. Now if you open that in BI Administration Client Tool and then follow the steps mentioned in the MOS note, you will get the duty roles required for each of the Subject Areas in FSCM, CRM and HCM. Oracle has also uploaded output of the Permission Report from RPD file in that note. You can get the duty roles from there and log on to Oracle Entitlement Server/Authorization Policy Manager to get the details of the Application Roles, Role Hierarchy and Job Role Mapping.

You can also get the sample file from here. Let's track the Application Role Mapping in APM. As you can see from the next picture that Authenticated user does not have any access on Workforce Management - Person Real Time subject area. To get the data from this subject area you need to have FBI_WORKFORCE_TRANSACTION_ANALYSIS_DUTY role.
If I log on to APM and search this duty role then I will get all the required details.
You can navigate to APM from Fusion through FSM task Manage Duties or Manage Role Templates.

Once you have the duty role click on Open and the screen should look like the next picture

From here you can see what are all the other roles this duty role inherits permission from. You can also see which are the Job Roles it has been mapped to.

Role Hierarchy.

External Role mapping - As can bee seen that this duty role is mapped to Human Resource Analyst job role and Line Manager Abstract role. So if you have been provisioned with this role then you can access the data for this Subject area.

In my previous post I have also explained how to Assign BIAdministrator or BIAuthor to a user here.

So now you understand which Job role you need to be provisioned.


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